Roosevelt Cooper inspires people. He cares for others tremendously, but he uses his personal knowledge of tennis to enhance his relationship with his athletes. He builds their confidence, but also physically and mentally prepares them for the tough game of tennis. Knowing this from 1st hand experience…
My son, Will, expressed an interest in playing tennis after being introduced to the sport during a summer camp. His enthusiasm to learn the sport and make the junior varsity team in a year and a half lead me to believe I needed to act fast and find a great coach. With Roosevelt Cooper’s energy and enthusiasm being contagious, along with his skill level and training, I knew I had found the perfect coach for Will. Roosevelt is the most dedicated and driven coach I know. His approach builds confidence in athletes to believe in their ability and to reach new heights. Roosevelt has taken his competitive tennis experience to develop his unique coaching and training programs that are suitable for each individual player. Roosevelt trains with intense drilling and an emphasis on technique with continuous improvement and learning as the center of his teaching style.  Along with Roosevelt’s private coaching, Will has developed his intense ability to be tournament ready through Roosevelt’s tactical training, point play,and match play programs. To take a young boy, who never picked up a racket, and get him tournament ready in a year’s time and then make the junior varsity team 6 months later, says a lot about Will, but more about Roosevelt Cooper.  Will has his moments, as all competitive athletes do, but Roosevelt is always there, finding ways to connect to Will, build up his strategies and his confidence. I saw this first-hand with Will, and I continue to see his confidence excel. Close to a 1 year after Will started, Coach Roosevelt had him playing in USTA tournaments. This summer will be 2 years with Coach Roosevelt, and he’s just getting started!

– Melissa H.

Coach Roosevelt is a local Hero! He’s not just a tennis coach. He’s a life coach. 110% invested in each and every one of his tennis kids reaching their maximum potential and more.  
   My daughter started tennis at an older age and had some bad habits. Rose took charge and surprised himself and everyone else.  He methodically approached intensely fixing 1 thing at time, but within a schema.  Tennis camp last year was phenomenal !!! He inspired all his subcoaches to consistently engage every kid in his methods and the coaches are all coming back for more this year.  And they don’t forget conditioning either -creating plans He makes it fun.  Rose looks up videos and sends them out with pointers and discussions. He just goes above & beyond the call of duty.
    He shows up to watch all of their tournaments and coaches.  He researches methods to improve specific problems your kid is struggling with.  He’s developed a whole methodology, based on cutting edge tennis developments. He is able to communicate this effectively to the kids. The proof is in the results: my daughters JTT team won regionals.
  Rose is both a disciplined, demanding coach and an inspiring, comical, charming leader whose natural instincts are to use positive encouragement.  He makes kids want to work hard because they believe and see how well they can do.
The kids follow the example Rose sets: he models respect, collegiality, good sportsmanship and dedication.  Coach Rose not only wants his kids to be tennis champions but also to be leaders in their community with qualities to be admired. He’s my Hero.

-Danya L.