Policies & Procedures


SECTION 1: Refund Policy:

1.a) There is a $50 registration fee to reserve a spot for your child for each session registered. This is a non-refundable deposit. Early bird prices are available up until the Friday before the next camp week. Weekly fees are due before the start of a new week. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. The participant’s spot will not be held if payment is not received. You will be notified of any camp cancellations one week prior to the start of a new week. No refunds will be given for days missed due to vacation or illness. 

1.b) Participants may receive a refund for day they will not attend. For example, If participant A paid for a full week of camp, but only does 2 days of camp, if requested, we will refund participant A the remaining 3 days.  The refund must be requested the day before participant A will not be at camp.

1.c) Infractions that violate the policies and procedures of the company, and/or that put any of the coaches or student in any harm mentally or physical, will result in a participant not being a allowed to participate in the camp. If such infractions should happen, participant will be refunded the remaining days left of his/her week.

SECTION 2:  Behavioral Policy:

2.a) We have and uphold a “Zero Tolerance” rule in regard to bullying of any sort. Any physical, or mental harm, etc. dealt to any of the staff, parents, or students will result in the participant not being allowed to participate in the camp. Refunds will apply via the refund policy 1.c.

2.b) we do not allow disrespecting any of the staff members of Mobile Tennis Academy, LLC. Or students. With states reopening for post COVID-19 operations, it is imperative that participants respect the staff and practices, so that we at MTA can conduct an efficient and safe summer camp. If such infraction should occur, the participant will be given a warning, and the participant’s parent(s) will be informed of the incident. If such infraction happens once more, the participant will not be allowed to participate at camp, and “refund policy 1.c” will follow.

2.c) we do not allow any inappropriate conversations or touching of any student or staff member. If a staff is found to have committed this infraction, this will result in immediate termination of employment with Mobile Tennis Academy, as the safety of all participants and staff comes first. If a student as committed this infraction, this would result in the participant not being allow to return to the camp, and refund policy 1.c will follow.

SECTION 3: Pick-up Policy/Late Fees

3.a) Pick-up for the participants of the camp is 4:00pm daily, unless the participant is in the Tiny Tots program, which pick-up is 10:00am daily. Please be prompt in making 4:00pm pick-up time. 


SECTION 4: Post COVID-19 on Court Procedures (Coaches)

4.a.) Coaches will be assigned a maximum of 7 children.

4.b.) Children assigned to coaches must always remain 6 to 7ft apart. There is NO EXCEPTION to this rule. (please be diligent in making sure this procedure is always exercised.)

4.c) In the events that a student needs to go to the restroom, please make sure that all students remain with their assigned coach. Students may go to the restroom 2 at a time. ( please be strict on this rule.)

4.d) When picking up tennis balls after drills, please use the Wortryit Ball Collector mini equipment. Be sure to wear gloves when using this equipment. Students are not allowed to pick-up balls..

4.e) When instructing students, if there is a need for physical demonstration, please wear gloves and a mask when approaching student(s). 

4.f) When students need to use water coolers to refill their bottle(s), coaches will be the ones to dispense the water and sports drink via gloves, masks, etc. 

4.g) When placing down any equipment for students, only coaches are allowed to do so via gloves, mask etc.

4.h.) if under any circumstance a child becomes ill or shows sign of illness, their parent(s) shall be contacted, and they shall be sent home immediately.

4.i.) When Students leave the courts or restroom they are to use hand sanitizer and/or sanitation wipes.

4.j.) At the end  of the students session they are to use hand sanitizer and/or sanitation wipes upon leaving.

4.k.) face masks are provided by the organization to the kids. Masks are not to be worn by the children outdoors in immense heat. 

4.l.) There should be no more than 3 kids per 10×10  canopy tent  properly spaced from one another.

4.m.) No racquets will be provided by Mobile Tennis Academy. Students must bring their own racquets.